Custom Meals LLC

Wisconsin Personal Chef

A Personal Chef makes dinner dreams come true without the hassle of planning and preparing nightly meals. Menus are customized for each client’s taste specifications and nutritional needs; lovingly prepared in the safety of the clients kitchen on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

001 beefThe Assessment

– An assessment is a free, no obligation, interview at yourhome, we will discuss your taste specifications and nutritional needs. How often you would like me to cook for you, and what types of meals you would like from Custom Meals.

Custom Menu Selection

– I create the menu following the specifications discussed at the assessment. After each “cook date”, I will leave a printed menu on your refrigerator of the food I prepared.

fam1-1Grocery Shopping

– I will go grocery shopping the day of your “cook date”, to get the freshest ingredients. This allows one less hassle for you to worry about. If you ever need me to pick up any extra items not included in our menu plan, let me know.

Pantry Items

– A lot of recipes call for little amounts of ingredients, like one egg, a tablespoon of sugar, oil, vinegar and so forth. Pantry items are included in the Custom Meals program. This allows your grocery bill to stay lower and to avoid having unwanted ingredients in your kitchen.

Meal Preparation

– I bring all of the necessary cookware and utensils to create custom meals, that are healthy and delicious, right in your kitchen. I then package and label them with the proper heating instructions. The best part about Custom Meals is your kitchen will be as clean as you left it, but with the added bonus of a stocked freezer and a wonderful aroma filling your home.

Create Your Perfect Menu

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Why Choose Custom Meals?

Simply put, do it for the ups and downs.

With Custom Meals, these things will go UP:

  • Time for yourself goes up.
  • Time with your family goes up.
  • Quality of life goes up for you and your family.
  • Without the greasy fast food, your good levels of cholesterol will now go up.

With Custom Meals, these things will go DOWN:

  • Your stress level goes down.
  • The time you spend grocery shopping goes down.
  • The dishes to wash after a meal go down.
  • Kitchen cleanup time goes down.
  • Without the greasy fast food, your bad levels of cholesterol will now go down.
  • Without the greasy fast food, your weight will now go down.

Who needs a Personal Chef?

  • New Parents ~Someone returning from the hospital
  • Couples ~People who enjoy dining at a restaurant, but want to eat better at home
  • Grandmas and Grandpas ~Those who want to improve their eating habits
  • People that hate to cook ~People who are sick of planning nightly meals
  • Those who have just moved ~Those who have guests visiting