A Journeychef-katie

Katie discovered the joy of cooking as a little girl when her dad would make his famous doughnuts and homemade soups. Throughout childhood, Katie treasured her mom’s  love of entertaining and trying new recipes. If the opportunity arose, she was helping in the kitchen. When the time came to decide upon a career path after high school, the choice was simple. Katie elected to enroll in college and obtain a culinary arts degree. College provided Katie with the setting to hone her cooking skills every day. Katie’s resume expanded, adding several restaurants in Southeastern Wisconsin, including the  Mequon Country Club. The country club, allowed Katie to see the different venues within the kitchen. Her positions encompassed, line cook, banquet cook, prep cook, and pastry chef.

Chasing A Dream

Following several years in the cooking industry, Katie decided to try a “9 to 5” office job. For the next five years she spent Monday through Friday working at a desk. She soon realized that she missed cooking for others everyday; but she did not want to go back to the long hours, weekends and holidays required at the country club. During the next  couple of years she often dreamed of a return to the culinary industry; as her family and friends raved about her cooking and urged her to use her culinary arts degree.

The epiphany came in the  spring of 2006 when her younger sister suggested becoming a personal chef. Katie’s immediate reaction was that there was, “no way” that a personal chef would survive in Wisconsin. This is an industry in which clients are celebrities. After extensive research, she discovered that there is a demand for personal chefs; busy, families, singles, couples, new parents, people who hate or don’t have the time to cook. All these situations highlighted a need and a want for personal chef services. Katie became a member of American Personal and Private Chef Association in the summer of 2006. She is also certified through ServSafe as a Food Manager.

True Love

The aspect of cooking that Katie truly loves is taking an ingredient and making it into a spectacular recipe, turning around and using the same ingredient for something completely different. Katie also loves the whole process of cooking; from the first slice of a vegetable to the final symphonic sizzling of a sauté pan. Katie loves every aspect of cooking, and love like that guarantees you will cherish every bite you take. Katie had two main reasons to start her own personal chef business. First, to help others get home-cooked meals on the dinner table as fast as possible, without having to order greasy fast food or carry-out. The second and most important reason was for families to have the opportunity to sit around the dinner table; reconnecting and sharing laughter.

With Custom Meals, it is quick and easy to have dinner ready on the table. The only additional ingredient Katie recommends is the most treasured of all, “Just Add Family and Friends.”