1. I no longer have the stress of throwing a meal together

    Chef Katie has been a life style changer for myself and my family.  My wife and I both work and unfortunately my wife's job takes her away from home more often than not.  I am not a cook and was struggling to feed the kids good healthy meals for dinner.  Katie has come into our lives and helped change our eating habits, with delicious entrées and side dishes that we truly enjoy four nights/week.  Katie is very flexible with the meal choices …Read More

    Jeff O.
  2. The only problem is that I ate too much.

    Wanted to let you know how great my dinner was last night!  I ate the salmon & spinach salad, & had to taste the risotto cakes.  The only problem is that I ate too much.  I can't wait to taste the rest of the dishes you made for me.…Read More

    Pat H.
  3. It was all simply delicious!

    Thank you again for everything; it was all simply delicious!  I would tell you my favorite of the frittatas, but honestly I cannot choose -- they were both so scrumptious!  Your granola was also a big hit with us and everyone.  Loved the lime minted fruit too.…Read More

    Martha P.
  4. Her cooking has also expanded our 3 children’s appreciation for new foods.

    Katie has a wide range of recipes that allowed her to produce great meals customized around our preferences. It was so helpful having these meals with our busy schedule. Her cooking has also expanded our 3 children's appreciation for new foods. Her homemade sauces are excellent. Her soups are delicious. And we counted the days waiting for her salads and dressings.…Read More

    Christine B.
  5. We had the fish tacos so far and they were great

    We had the fish tacos so far and they were great. My daughter also loves the rice. She says it reminds her of Chipotle!…Read More

    Dave M.
  6. The stir fry chicken is fab!

    Just wanted to let you know the food is great.  I have not had the pork yet but the stir fry chicken is fab!…Read More

    Cindy S.
  7. Wish I could make food that good!

    WONDERFUL!!  Wish I could make food that good!  Thank you so much!…Read More

    Miriam P.
  8. My family loves the food

    My family loves the food, everything has been really good!…Read More

    Katie M.
  9. The food is wonderful & so much of it!

    That menu sounds great. Far better than what I would have come up with after having to travel this weekend :). The food is wonderful & so much of it! I would usually make like 2 of those entrees and the salad or something and that would be our food for the week. So much nicer to get to today (Thursday) and not feel like we have nothing left in the house.…Read More

    Jen F.
  10. Extremely convenient

    The meals are going great and have been extremely convenient to heat up, thank you.  The sauces being separate are great too since the kids' meals don't use them.…Read More

    Heather N.